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Nikon D820 D850 or D900 with 46MP Sensor Confirmed

Nikon D820 D850 or D900 with 46MP Sensor Confirmed

Nikon D820 D850 or D900 with 46MP Sensor Confirmed

Nikon D810 was announced in June 2014 and became available in July 2014. It has been over 30 months since it’s launch and the D8xx line-up is ready for an upgrade. Most of the leaked specifications that surfaced are rumors. However there is no doubt that te Nikon D810 will soon see an upgrade and possibly at the CP+ show in Japan at the end of this month. The CP+ show will commence on 23rd of February 2017.¬†Nikon D820 D850 or D900 with 46MP Sensor Confirmed.

Nikon has already prepared a booth and some announcements are expect at the CP+. The upcoming upgrade of Nikon D810 will either be called Nikon D820 or D850. Both models are doing rounds in photographer community however a direct leap to Nikon D900 can not be ruled out.

Irrespective of the naming, Nikon D820, Nikon D850 or Nikon D900, we are expecting an upgrade in the megapixels count. It is almost confirmed that the newer model will have higher megapixels. A single source has confirmed that the D810 upgrade will have more number of megapixels. However 46 MP for a possibly D820 sounds a bit weird – we’d guess that Nikon would finally have the 42 MP BSI tech Sony FF-Sensor, which would make more sense. This Sensor is already into the A7R Mk. II, RX1R Mk. II & now A99 Mk. II.

The only thig that we can guess for sure is the price. It will cost you a premium with the expected price to be around $4000 (USD). For those who already have a Nikon D810 may not upgrade immediately as the D810 is already a very capable camera. However those looking for a long term investment and are upgrading from a mid level DSLR are in for a treat of features and performance with the new upcoming Nikon D820/D850/D900 DSLR.

Keep and eye on the Nikon News Website for the development.

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  1. 46mp with a rumored 10fps. If so, this could be a legend in the making!

    Either way, can’t wait to see the actual specs in due course!

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