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Nikon D8000 DSLR to be Announced in 2018-19

Nikon D8000 DSLR to be Announced in 2018-19

Nikon D8000 DSLR to be Announced in 2018-19

Nikon has a two year cycle for its top D7xxx series DX lineup. The Nikon D7200 DSLR was a 24 megapixel crop sensor camera announced by Nikon on March 2, 2015. The shipping started two weeks later on March 19. Nikon D7200 was superseded by the Nikon D7500 DSLR which was announced on April 12, 2017. Currently it is the top of line DX camera in Nikon’s lineup along with the flagship DX camera the Nikon D500. Nikon D500 was launched way back in January 2016 and has not seen an upgrade. Nikon D500 was an upgrade to the very successful Nikon D300s.

There is a strong indication from our sources that Nikon that the D500 will be upgraded to Nikon D8000. This is further confirmed by the successive price drops on the Nikon D7500. The warehouse deal on D7500 was further below the lowest offer price. This means that Nikon D7xxx series may not see an upgrade at all. Nikon D7500 could be last camera in Nikon’s 7xxx lineup. Read on to understand the reason for this.

Nikon D7500 price drop
Historical Price Drops on Nikon D7500 in May 2018 from list price. x denotes warehouse deal.

Nikon D7500 is a very capable DX camera aimed to advance hobbyist as well as semi-professionals. However it was launched one year later to Nikon D500 which is better in terms of capability and performance. It remains to be seen that whether Nikon plans to go beyond D7500 as it did in D5500 to D5600 (which is more of hobbyist market and they need to spoil the consumer for options as a part of marketing strategy) or it will directly upgrade both D500 along with the D7500 to Nikon D8000.

Nikon D500 Price Drop
Historical Price Drops on Nikon D500 in May 2018 from list price. x denotes warehouse deal.

Why Nikon will have common upgrade for Nikon D7500 and D500?

The reason is marketing of DX vs FX series as well as room for improvement. Nikon has already discontinued Nikon D600 series and the Nikon D610 series has not seen any upgrade for the last five years. Nikon D610 was launched way back in 2013. There is not much room for a DX camera in between DX model D500 and FX model D610. This apart from the fact that D7500 and D500 are very similar in terms of pricing and DX flagship lineup strategy, concludes that Nikon will directly jump to Nikon D8000. This has also been cross confirmed with some of our industry sources. The D8000 will serve as an upgrade for both nikon D7500 as well as the Nikon D500 in the FX lineup. It also means that the DX strategy will be back in four digits Nikon Dxxxx and FX strategy will again have a three digit Nikon Dxxx series.

The price for both Nikon D7500 and nikon D500 has gone down in last few months which further indicates that both the model will be getting an upgrade soon. The warehouse deals are further down below the lowest list prices. However Nikon may not officially announce it anytime soon as it has been the case in the past.

When will Nikon announce upgrade to Nikon D7500 and Nikon D500?

The upgrade will be announced just before the previous cameras end their market cycle which is 30 months on average in Nikon’s case. Nikon D500 is already due for upgrade and D7500 will also see an upgrade in 2019. This indicates the announcement for upgrade for new Nikon DSLR will be around the third or fourth quarter of 2018 if all goes well.

Should I buy Nikon D7500 or Nikon D500 or wait for an upgrade?

While it is obvious that the new model will be slightly more powerful in terms of performance and capability, the difference won’t be extreme. It is a good time to invest in either Nikon D7500 or Nikon D500 depending upon your budget and use. The prices are down and it might stay stable until the release of newer model is announced. Both D7500 and Nikon D500 are capable camera and will help you get the best in any situation when coupled with some good prime lenses. You can invest the savings over newer model into better lenses. Remember that lens is as important or in some cases more important than the camera. A lens is forever. cameras keep upgrading.

You can check the latest price of Nikon D7500 here and Nikon D500 here.

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